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"I love the EZ Way Smart Stand for its capability, and it always works!"

Todd Gschwend BSN, RN Injury Prevention Coord.
University of Colorado Hospital


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Bargain Center

Check out discounted EZ Way equipment and accessories. Quantities are limited and first come first served, so contact your EZ Way Sales Representative today!

EZ_Way_Bargain_Center_1052017_ACD63506740B7.pdf Icon 10-05-2017 Bargain Center


Catalog 2017

EZ_Way_Catalog_2017_B911793F94E5E.pdf Icon 2017 EZ Way Catalog - Print Version

The new EZ Way catalog for 2017! - This high-resolution version of the EZ Way catalog is best for downloading to print. You will notice QR codes throughout the catalog that can be scanned with a mobile device to visit the EZ Way website and find out more about each product. This is a large file and may take several minutes to download.

EZ_Way_Catalog_2017_Web_6DE278365905C.pdf Icon 2017 EZ Way Catalog - Screen Version

The new EZ Way catalog for 2017! - This lower-resolution version of the EZ Way catalog is best for viewing on a computer screen or emailing. You will notice clickable links throughout the catalog that will bring you to the EZ Way website for more information on products.


Ceiling Lift Packet

Ceiling Lift Information and Track Schematics

CL1000_Cut_Sheet_B3EA6FA9631C1.pdf Icon CL1000 Spec Sheet

CL650_Cut_Sheet_344CDF862EA46.pdf Icon CL650 Spec Sheet

CL650_Portable_Cut_Sheet_F328396FB20F5.pdf Icon CL650PM Spec Sheet


EZ Stretcher Chairs

EZ Way Accessory Operator Instructions

EZ Way Bathing Line Operator Instructions

EZ Way Solutions Guide

EZ Way Training Quizzes

Download the Word document file that contains the questions for the EZ Way training quiz. Fill the questions out and print them off; or complete the quiz, save the completed quiz to your computer, and email the document to your supervisor.

EZ_Ceiling_Lift_Fixed_Motor_Quiz_9928BD08795F9.doc Icon EZ Ceiling Lift Fixed Motor Quiz Questions

EZ_Ceiling_Lift_Portable_Motor_Quiz_4A6C82483580C.doc Icon EZ Ceiling Lift Portable Motor Quiz Questions

EZMattQuiz_D53F698E14BFD.doc Icon EZ Matt Quiz Questions

EZOutQuiz2_16E18A8B356AC_E879883DB7AC6.doc Icon EZ Out Quiz Questions

SmartLiftQuiz_80455FE5BB441.doc Icon EZ Way Smart Lift® Quiz Questions

SmartStandQuiz_B0045FA9676AF.doc Icon EZ Way Smart Stand® Quiz Questions


FDA Patient Lift Safety Guide

Make it EZ!

WhyChooseEZWay_213FB75A5EB9C.pdf Icon Choose EZ Way

MakeitEasy_FF44F1F8AAF17.pdf Icon Make it EZ!

The EZ Way marketing flyer.  EZ Way is the premiere choice in the industry, and this flyer describes why!


Operator's Instructions

Product Competency Checklists

Product Information

1700W_E72CF1D9AA85B.pdf Icon 1700 Information Flyer

20003000_4EBE8B4E92862.pdf Icon 2000/3000 Product Information

400042000_22A80ACFA2738.pdf Icon 4000/4200 Product Information

Form_4002_Atlantic_9459CC6555C1A.pdf Icon Atlantic Product Flyer

2268_XLHygieneChair_C36C746FE5EF2.pdf Icon Bariatric Hygiene Chair Information Flyer

Form_4012_Bath_Lift_D0853672BC456.pdf Icon Bath Lift Product Flyer

Form_4004_Caribbean_63CCFE7ED3209.pdf Icon Caribbean Product Flyer

Form_4005_Caspian_2D6206E37AB6A.pdf Icon Caspian Product Flyer

Form_4006_Chesapeake_4C7F756617B76.pdf Icon Chesapeake Product Flyer

Classic_EB8C5037A0546.pdf Icon Classic Tilt Table Product Information

ComfortlineIIW_D2272060AB085.pdf Icon Comfortline II Information Flyer

ComfortlineIIInstall_B723C92E2E291.pdf Icon Comfortline II Installation Guide

Dignity_Bariatric_Supplement_3FC47513F3EC1.pdf Icon Dignity Bariatric Product Information Flyer

Form_2282_Dignity_Classic_Commode_C_43932637132FE.pdf Icon Dignity Classic Commode Chair Flyer

Dignity_Classic_Supplement_A61C305D9D0BA.pdf Icon Dignity Classic Product Information Flyer

Form_2280_Height_Adjustable_Reclini_7BCA665F5D99D.pdf Icon Dignity Height Adjustable Reclining Shower Chair

Dignity_Reclinging_Shower_Chair_Sup_14CED0F481D26.pdf Icon Dignity Reclining Shower Product Information Flyer

900W_C5533C80E6B87.pdf Icon EZ 900 Product Information

EZ_Way_repositioning__turning_sheet_9993A9D2653EB.pdf Icon EZ Cotton Repositioning/Turning Info Document

EZLightLiftweb_B8A0BAD7607B6.pdf Icon EZ Light Lift Product Information Sheet

EZMatt_1CA896D310A90.pdf Icon EZ Matt Information

BathLiftSystemNewW_964C82F5F094E.pdf Icon EZ Mobile Bath Lift System Product Information

EZOUTflyer09_B8A66D5A422AC.pdf Icon EZ Out Information Document

StandAidAssembly_F38961593EC79.pdf Icon EZ Way Stand Aid Assembly Instructions

SpecSheet12_2D28D7EE74C3F.pdf Icon EZ Way Stand Aid with Moveable Legs Spec Sheet

2255_EZ1000W_A95368F70E1DE.pdf Icon EZ1000 Product Information

Form_4007_Geneva_5B6A8A3B90AF5.pdf Icon Geneva Product Flyer

Form_4008_Healthcare_Bathing_System_FB4BE48CE1C0F.pdf Icon Healthcare Bathing Systems

2267_HygieneChair_B58CB51A7335A.pdf Icon Hygiene Chair Information Flyer

EZSolutionBrief_Bariatric_201501200_C441EAE6A6713.pdf Icon Lateral Transfer Mattress Products

Form_4009_Optional_Features_for_Bat_A5D1AA241CEEB.pdf Icon Optional Features for Bathing Systems

2257_PlatformWalkerFlyerW_A97E6398BFF8B.pdf Icon Platform Walkers Information Flyer

RiseGoW_9638F0AD6EC2B.pdf Icon Rise & Go Walker Product Information

EZProductBrief_SaniLiner20140721001_C0DC75B961A24.pdf Icon Sani-Liner Product Brief

EZProductBrief_SPS_20140528001_580FA547EAB57.pdf Icon Single-Patient Transfer Mattress Product Brief

SmartLift1000lbFeatSpec_6DEF0F616684C.pdf Icon Smart Lift 1,000 lb. Specifications and Features

SmartLiftFeatSpec_E494829C4A334.pdf Icon Smart Lift 500 lb. & 600 lb. Specs

Form_2188_EZ_Way_400__500_lb_57BB62E4C594E.pdf Icon Smart Stand 400 lb. & 500 lb. Specs

Form_2186_EZ_Way_800_lb__capacity_S_DC93B0E930B3E.pdf Icon Smart Stand 800 lb. Specifications and Features

EZProductBrief_PVR_TransferPad_2013_05DE693135F04.pdf Icon Transfer Mattress Product Brief

Form_4010_Victoria_9643190F8F461.pdf Icon Victoria Product Flyer

Form_4011_Winnipeg_B4FAB99F46135.pdf Icon Winnipeg Product Flyer


Service Manuals

Warranty Information

Web Links: Safe Patient Handling Resources

What's Ahead In Health Care Workers' Compensation




OSHA Safe Patient Handling Information, Tools, and Resources




New York Times Article Featuring Parkland Hospital: Bigger Hospital Rooms for Bigger Patients




Nursing - A Profession in Peril: A Five-Part Series On Health Care Workers Injured On The Job




NPR: Injured Nurses 4 Part Series




State-by-State Safe Patient Handling Legislation Analysis by Prevent, Inc.




NIOSH/CDC - Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents publication




CDC - Preventing Back Injuries in Healthcare Settings (NIOSH Science Blog)




American Nurses Association - "Handle With Care" Safe Patient Handling Initiative




Webinar Presentations