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EZ Matt

Air Assisted Lateral Transfers

The EZ Matt system is an air-powered lateral transfer system commonly used for transfers from bed to gurney, gurney to radiology, oncology, or any other transfer to a lateral surface.

Why should you use the EZ Matt?

Lateral Transfers with Ease

With the EZ Matt system, medical personnel may transport a patient with ease throughout a facility for various procedures. The patient remains on the EZ Matt through orthopedics, nursing, radiology, neurology, and oncology procedures. With no metal parts, EZ Matt even travels safely through X-ray.

Helps Reduce Injuries
The EZ Matt system helps reduce back injuries and other stresses that may result from lifting patients for a lateral move. EZ Matt also reduces the need for additional personnel to assist in patient transfers. Since EZ Matt helps prevent injuries, workers’ compensation and insurance costs may be reduced significantly.

Secures Patient Safety
For the patient, the EZ Matt system means a safer more comfortable move from bed to gurney. EZ Matt reduces the need for lifting, shifting, or sliding that often adds to pain and discomfort. EZ Matt supports the patient safely and results in a smooth, secure transfer.

Operates with Lightweight, Quiet Air Supply

The EZ Matt system transfers a patient on a soft nylon mattress designed with hundreds of tiny perforations on the underside. When the small EZ Matt air supply is attached, the mattress inflates and continues to pump air out of tiny perforations on the underside. This continuous air flow helps eliminate friction between the pad and mattress.

• One or Two Caregiver Transfers
• Caregiver Injury Prevention
• 18 lbs. (Matt, Carrying Case, Air Supply, Accessories)
• Lightweight Air Supply
• Workers’ Compensation Costs Reduced
• Patient Safety & Comfort
• Ease of Movement
• Radiology Suitable (Non-metallic Mattress)

Each System Includes:
-1200W Air Supply with hanger
-Mattress with built-in extension handles
-Protective top sheet
-Transfer bridge
-Rolling storage bag
-Power cord
-8 ft. air hose

System Compatibility:
The air supply and mattress can be used with other systems on the market.

Product No.

EML 100 - EZ Matt System with Large Mattress (32" X 78") includes all items above

ML 100 - Large Mattress (only)

SL 100 - Large Mattress Protective Sheet

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