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"Overall the five facilities that trialed the equipment thought the EZ Way lifts would best meet our needs.  Since the purchase, the lifts have proven to be reliable as well."

Jason Mahlman, Dir. of Nat. Purchasing
The Goodman Group - Chaska, MN


EZ Way Stand Aid

The affordable, durable, non-motorized EZ Stand Aid actively engages the patient in the standing process, thus reducing the need for caregiver assistance.  Its ability to fit through narrow doorways and its 400 lb. safe working load makes it an excellent wheelchair alternative for convenient patient transfers or for easier commode access.

The EZ Stand Aid is a transport assist unit which keeps residents/patients active and engaged.  Transport is quick and requires minimal caregiver assistance.  Users simply grasp the middle bar and pull themselves up.  A padded split seat swings out for loading or unloading then swings back to form a comfortable, secure seat for transport.


  • 400 lb. (181 kg) safe working load
  • Dual knee pads for secure transfers
  • Sturdy, yet easily fits through narrow doorways
  • Affordable alternative to electric standing aids
  • Optional safety belt

We now offer a new model with moveable legs! The STA450 offers:

  • Moveable base legs for flexibility in accomodating seating surfaces
  • Promotes mobility for the patient
  • New increased weight capacity of 450 lbs.
  • Dual knee pads for security and comfort
  • Optional support strap
  • Automatic seat locks
  • Affordable price points
  • Provides a time and cost saving tool for safe, efficient transfers

- For customers wanting to upgrade existing EZ Way Stand Aids, PN 1914, the EZ Way Stand Aid Base with Moveable Legs, PN STA450 - BASE, is able to be retrofitted with the mast of the EZ Way Stand Aid, PN 1914.

Note: The EZ Stand Aid is designed for residents/patients who have the strength to lift and support themselves.  Otherwise, an EZ Way stand or EZ Lift is recommended.

Product No.

1914 - Stand Aid

STA450 - Stand Aid with Moveable Legs

500928 - Sliding Belt, Medium

500935 - Sliding Belt, Large

1915 - Support Belt

Call 1-800-627-8940 for a product demonstration.

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