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EZ 1700 Height-Adjustable Bathtub

The EZ 1700 was specifically designed to optimize your small space without sacrificing functionality and efficiency. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes and private homes who have limited space and require a fully-functioning bathtub. The 1700 can easily be implimented with the EZ Mobile Bath Lift System, which would provide a safe moving and handling experience for both resident and attendant. During the bathing cycle, the resident never leaves the comfort and security of the chair.

The bath raises and lowers to the ideal working height for the attendant, reducing heavy lifting and bending, fatigue and risk of back injury. Clearance below the tub allows the use of many different types of lifts and easy floor cleaning. The EZ 1700 raises quietly and quickly. The hand control for raising and lowering can be operated from either side of the bathtub. No hands need be in the water.


  • EZ 1700 has adjustable feet that increase safety and comfort when there are uneven floor surfaces.
  • The height adjustment of the EZ 1700 is controlled by a hand control operated from either side of the bathtub.
  • EZ 1700 is delivered with a factory-mounted thermostat that controls both the bathtub filling and the shower water temperature.
  • The shower handle has a soft rubber outlet nozzle which is easy to clean and gives comfortable soft water dispersion.

  • The bathtub is made of fiber glass gelcoat and the frame and skirts are made of powder-coated steel.

  • The drainage can be attached to the floor or the wall.

  • Working load limit of 330 lbs.

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1700 Height Adjustable Bathtub 27" W x 66" L

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