Repo. & Turning Sheets

Turning & Repositioning Sheet

The EZ Repositioning and Turning Sheet is designed for repositioning, turning, or laterally transferring a patient/resident. For use with the EZ Way mobile lifts and ceiling lifts, this accessory can be used in conjunction with or as a replacement to a typical bed sheet. 1,000 lb. weight capacity (patient weight should not exceed the weight capacity of lift being used). Comes in a variety of fabric choices including spacer fabric.

The spacer fabric model features a three-layer fabric that releases moisture, allows air flow, and dissipates heat. It provides four-way stretch, naturally ventilating properties that take moisture away from the skin, and soft, cushioning characteristics to reduce force. Shown in studies to be the most effective in reducing peak pressures, and more likely to reduce the risk of pressure ulcer development if left under the patient.*

Wipeable model is not to be left under a person when not in use.

*Webb J, et al., The impact of hoist sling fabrics on interface pressure whilst sitting in healthy volunteers and wheelchair users: A comparative study, Journal of Tissue Viability (2017),

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Applications & Features


  • Turning patient/resident

  • Repositioning patient/resident

  • Lateral transfer

  • Can be used in conjunction with bed sheet or as a replacement


1,000 lb. weight capacity


Six months

EZ Products are manufactured with the highest quality components. EZ Way, Inc. warrants that all new equipment, with normal use and service, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (see above) from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Normal wear and tear, injury by natural forces, user neglect and purposeful destruction are not covered by this warranty. Warranty service must be performed by the manufacturer at 701 E. Washington St., Clarinda, Iowa, or by an authorized repair center at their location. On occasion, EZ Way Inc. may authorize in-house repairs, but these repairs MUST be pre-approved to avoid invalidation of the warranty. Services covered under warranty include any labor that takes place at EZ Way Inc. Cost of Labor incurred while installing the warranty part at the place of ownership is not covered by this warranty. EZ Way, Inc.’s obligation is limited to the replacement of parts that have been returned and are determined by EZ Way, Inc. to be defective. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS WARRANTY CLAUSE ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AND OF ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES ON EZ WAY, INC.’S PART AND IT NEITHER ASSUMES OR AUTHORIZES ANY OTHER PERSON TO ASSUME FOR EZ WAY INC. ANY OTHER LIABILITIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE SALE OF SAID ARTICLE. IN NO EVENT SHALL EZ WAY, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY SUBSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES. ANY MISUSE, IMPROPER INSTALLATION OR TAMPERING SHALL VOID THIS WARRANTY. Your warranty was registered automatically by EZ Way, Inc. at time of purchase.


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Available Configurations

500913 - Cotton Repositioning and Turning Sheet w/Toileting Hole

500324 - White Spacer Mesh Turning/Repositioning Sheet GSS for Low Air Loss Beds & Skin Integrity

500325 - Black Spacer Mesh Turning/Repo Sheet for Low Air Loss Beds & Skin Integrity

500272 - Black Mesh Turning/Repo Sheet for Low Air Loss Beds & Skin Integrity

500178 - Cotton Repositioning & Turning Sheet

500170 - Mesh Repositioning and Turning Sling Short 53" x 60"

500444 - Narrow Patient Turning Strap Wipeable XXL

500257 - Mesh Fabric Repositioning & Turning Sheet 

SPTR100 - Single-Patient Use Repositioning & Turning Sheet

500945 - Black Mesh Repositioning and Turning Sheet w/Toileting Hole 

500173 - Mesh Deluxe Turning Sling Short 53"x60"

500926 - Mesh Turning/Repo Sheet GSS for Low Air Loss Beds & Skin Intergrity

500204 - Turning Strap Extra Long

500474 - Wipeable Turning & Repositioning Sheet