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EZ Way Smart Lift® 1,000 lb. Bariatric Lift

The Bariatric 1,000 lb. capacity EZ Way Smart Lift® is the largest weight capacity patient lift available on the market! True bariatric floor lift with or without scale. Includes: 2 batteries, remote charger, XL deluxe sling and sling bag. Features:

  • Backlit LCD screen

During operation, EZ Way’s LCD screen is illuminated for ease in viewing lift readout information. Battery gauge, function indicator, dual up/down control, digital scale readout.

  • Highest weight capacity lift on the market

  • Structurally designed with institutional use in mind

  • Versatile functionality

Caregivers can lift, transfer, and reposition using a wide selection of EZ Way accessories.

  • Electric lift provides safe, quiet operation for patient and caregiver

  • Optional digital scale

  • Ergonomic handles for comfortable operation by caregiver

  • 2/4/6-point hanger assembly for multi-function accessory use

  • Remote battery charging - includes 2 batteries and remote charger





NEW EZ Way Smart Lift® Videos


Need a quick refresher on how to perform a certain task? We now offer short, helpful video clips for the EZ Way Smart Lift. The clips focus on specific actions such as placing a sling under a patient on the floor, using the emergency lowering procedure, and more.

The videos are organized into a YouTube playlist that can be viewed anywhere.




For EZ access to the videos while operating the unit, scan the QR code located on the Smart Lift boom with a smart phone or other mobile device using a QR reader app. It will take you directly to the Smart Lift YouTube playlist where the short clips can be viewed.

There are many QR reader apps available, but here are two that work well:


Android App







Product No.

L1000PN  - 1,000 lb. capacity EZ Way Smart Lift® no scale

L1000PS  - 1,000 lb. capacity EZ Way Smart Lift® w/Scale

Contact the EZ Way Serice Department at 1-800-627-8940 to see if a scale can be added to your L1000PN

Call 1-800-627-8940 to schedule a demonstration or to order today!



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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pdf Icon EZ Way Sling with Head Support Sizing Chart
pdf Icon EZ Way Smart Lift Op. Manual
pdf Icon EZ Way Smart Lift Competency Checklist
pdf Icon EZ Way Sling Sizing Chart
pdf Icon EZ Way Smart Lift and Stand Warranty Information
pdf Icon Smart Lift Flyer
pdf Icon EZ Way Smart Lift Bariatric (L1000) Service Manual
pdf Icon Smart Lift 1,000 lb. Specifications and Features
pdf Icon Why Choose EZ Way Flyer
pdf Icon FDA Patient Lift Safety Guide
pdf Icon Cleaning Guide - Floor Lifts & Stands
pdf Icon 2020 EZ Way Catalog
pdf Icon EZ Way Lift and Stand Accessories Checklist
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pdf Icon Lithium Battery Pack
pdf Icon 2019 Main EZ Way Catalog

New 2019 catalog of EZ Way lifting and transferring products.

Training Media
There are currently no training videos associated with this product.
Accessories Click on the images below to view details on each accessory
Accessory Image Battery and Charger - Smart Lift® and Smart Stand®
Accessory Image Belted Mesh Hygiene Sling
An effective toileting sling for those with upper body strength and torso control. S-XXL.
Accessory Image Deluxe Sling
A full body patient/resident sling. Available from Small to 4X.
Accessory Image Deluxe Sling with Head Support
Deluxe sling that provides head support. Available from Small to XXXL.
Accessory Image Deluxe Wipeable Sling
Available from Small to XXXXL.
Accessory Image Disposable Sling
Single patient use for infection control. Available from Small to XXL, with or without head support.
Accessory Image EZ Repositioning/Turning Sheet
Patient repositioning and turning sheet. 1,000 lb. capacity.
Accessory Image Full Body Sling with Leg Support
Full body sling designed for seated or semi-supine position. M-XL.
Accessory Image Harness/Sling Storage Bag
Standard with lift or stand. Attaches to lift or stand for easy storage of slings/harnesses.
Accessory Image Hip Sling
Supine transfer sling that is useful for non-hip-flexure transfers.
Accessory Image Hourglass Sling
Hourglass-shaped sling for maximum comfort. Available in mesh. Small to XXXL.
Accessory Image Lift - Straps Backboard
Lift your backboard using an EZ Lift.
Accessory Image Limb Turning/Lifting Straps
Strap(s) for lifting limbs or patient turning. Available from S-XL and wipeable materal from S-XXL.
Accessory Image Lithium Battery Pack
Longer life. Lighter weight. Direct replacement for lead acid battery.
Accessory Image Mesh Deluxe Sling
Mesh sling with padded legs. Available from Small to XXL.
Accessory Image Mesh Sling
Perfect for bathing purposes. Mesh wicks away moisture. Available from Small to XL.
Accessory Image Multi-Purpose Amputee Sling
For amputees or patients with larger lower extremities. Available from Small to XXXL.
Accessory Image Multipurpose Wipeable Amputee Sling
For use with amputees or patients with larger lower extremities. S-XXXL.
Accessory Image Regular Sling
Available from Small to XL.
Accessory Image Stand/Lift - Laundry Bag
Mesh, large laundry capacity: 24” x 36”
Accessory Image Stretcher Sling Kit
For supine transfers or repositioning. 450 lb. and 750 lb. weight capacities.
Accessory Image Walking Harness
For rehabilitation, lift assist and gait training. For 1000 lb. Smart Lift® or Ceiling Lifts ONLY.