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EZ Way Smart Stand®

The EZ Way Smart Stand® was designed to be used for toileting and changing briefs of patients, transferring the patient from chair, wheelchair, toilet or bed, and can also be used for ambulation. EZ Way’s Smart Stand® features a proprietary circuit board system that provides customers with added intelligence and safety features including:


  • Backlit LCD screen
During operation, EZ Way’s LCD screen is illuminated for ease in viewing lift readout information. Battery gauge, function indicator, dual up/down control, digital scale readout.

  • Usage time captured
    Lift usage time is captured in minutes, great for tracking frequency of use.

  • Inspection reminder
    An available feature, helpful to ensure preventative maintenance compliance.

  • Overload protection
    Should the actuator be overloaded due to lifting excess weight, lifting against an obstruction, or mechanical failure, “Actuator Overload” will appear on the LCD screen, the lift will cease lifting, and will only lower.  A great feature to protect both patients and the stand.

  • Weight Overload
    This feature will display “Weight Overload” on the LCD screen due to lifting excess weight and will only allow the stand arms to lower.

  • Weight recall
    On units with scale, the last weight taken is retained until a new weight is taken, allowing caregivers easy reference in busy working environments.


  • Safety tab design
    Strong, durable, wire clip design to keep harness securely attached to the stand.

  • Easily adjustable shin pad
    Spring-loaded pin is easily adjusted, locking shin pad into place.

EZ Way Smart Stand® Applications:

  • Designed to facilitate toileting, changing of briefs and conducting pivot transfers for weight bearing patients.
  • Transfer patients to/from bed, commode, wheelchair or chair.
  • Ambulation feature for therapy applications.
  • Patients allowed to stand safely and securely, increasing muscle strength and circulation.



NEW EZ Way Smart Stand® Videos


Need a quick refresher on how to perform a certain task? We now offer short, helpful video clips for the EZ Way Smart Stand. The clips focus on specific actions such as ambulation, using the emergency lowering procedure, and more.

The videos are organized into a YouTube playlist that can be viewed anywhere.






For EZ access to the videos while operating the unit, scan the QR code located on the Smart Lift boom with a smart phone or other mobile device using a QR reader app. It will take you directly to the Smart Lift YouTube playlist where the short clips can be viewed.

There are many QR reader apps available, but here are two that work well:


Android App





Make it EZ! - Helpful Video Clips to View

Safety Tabs - Attaching and removing harness straps

Ambulation - Using the Smart Stand® to ambulate a patient

Adjusting Shin Pad - How to adjust the shin pad vertically or horizontally

Adjusting Foot Plate - How to adjust the foot plate

Product No.

S400PN - EZ Way Smart Stand® (no scale) 400 lb. capacity

S400PS - EZ Way Smart Stand® (with scale) 400 lb. capacity

S500PN - EZ Way Smart Stand® (no scale) 500 lb. capacity

S500PS - EZ Way Smart Stand® (with scale) 500 lb. capacity

S800PN - EZ Way Smart Stand® (no scale) 800 lb. capacity
S800PS - EZ Way Smart Stand® (with scale) 800 lb. capacity

Look for additional Harness sizes or accessories to be used with the EZ Way Smart Stand® by clicking on the Accessories tab.

Call 1-800-627-8940 to schedule a demonstration or order today!



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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New 2019 catalog of EZ Way lifting and transferring products.

Training Media
There are currently no training videos associated with this product.
Accessories Click on the images below to view details on each accessory
Accessory Image Anti-Slip Harness
Neoprene material grips to help harness stay in place. Available from Small to XXL.
Accessory Image Battery and Charger - Smart Lift® and Smart Stand®
Accessory Image Chest Strap
Chest Strap used with EZ Way Smart Stand® for forwarding leaning patients.
Accessory Image Disposable Harness
Single patient use for infection control. Available from Medium to XL.
Accessory Image Half Shin Pad
Available for the 400, 500, and 800 lb. EZ Way Stand.
Accessory Image Harness/Sling Storage Bag
Standard with lift or stand. Attaches to lift or stand for easy storage of slings/harnesses.
Accessory Image Lithium Battery Pack
Longer life. Lighter weight. Direct replacement for lead acid battery.
Accessory Image Regular Harness
Standard harness that comes with the EZ Way Smart Stand®. Available from Small to XXXL.
Accessory Image Seat Strap
For added safety & patient peace of mind. Regular & large sizes.Also available in wipeable material.
Accessory Image Stand Support Strap
Vertical standing assistance & support. Small - large sizes. Also available in wipeable material.
Accessory Image Stand/Lift - Laundry Bag
Mesh, large laundry capacity: 24” x 36”
Accessory Image Walker Handles
Walker handles used with the EZ Way stand for ambulation. Available in Regular and Large sizes.
Accessory Image Wipeable Harness
Available from Small to XXXL.
Accessory Image Wrist Strap
Available for all sit to stand models.