EZ Way Shower Trolleys 2000/3000

Shower Trolleys are the NEWEST alternative in bathing solutions providing a 'true' bathing experience.  Shower trolleys will provide a more thorough cleaning while at the same time promoting blood circulation versus sponge baths performed in bed (the old way).  A soothing, relaxing flow of water stimulates the senses improving the resident/patients quality of life.  A shower trolley can easily navigate into and out of a resident/patient room and safely transfer them to the bathing area with ease.  The EZ 2000 is the manually operated model, the EZ 3000 is the battery operated model.

The EZ 2000 and EZ 3000 Shower Trolleys are unique with their side-mounted column, allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy resident transfer. The trolleys allow the attendant to have easy access to the trolley's controls, including height adjustment, stretcher tilt, caster brakes and straight steering.

The protective side rails are lowered when the stretcher is located over the bed. Without any heavy lifting for the attendant, the resident is easily, gently and safely positioned on the trolley mattress. The trolley side rails are then secured before moving away from the bed.

The side rail on the attendant side is hinged so that it will fold all the way down. This makes it easier for the attendant to handle the resident during transfer. The trolley stretcher has drains at both ends, allowing the resident to be positioned in either direction. There is no head or foot end specified.

Both units feature:

  • Solid stainless steel construction

  • Unique side mounted column providing ease and safety when performing a lateral transfer
  • Attendant has easy access to controls; adjustable height, stretcher tilt, caster brakes, straight steering
  • Secured, yet adjustable protective side rails
  • Drains at both ends of trolley (head and foot does not need to be specified)
  • 330 lb. weight capacity
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Gray color, includes mattress and head pillow
  • 3 ft. drain hose
  • Stopper
  • 4” standard casters
  • 330 lb. working load limit
  • 5° Trendelenburg -

The stretcher can easily be tilted to the “Trendelenburg” position (5°) in either direction with the tilt control handle located at both ends. The tilt position is controlled by gas springs so that the attendant has infinite tilt positions within the tilt range.

  • Easy to steer and easy to maneuver. The large casters with brakes, low angled legs with straight steering casters are features that make the trolley easy to steer and maneuver.

  • The low center of gravity of the chassis lends stability to the trolley.

  • The side rails can be pressed together when traveling through narrow doorways reducing the trolley width.

  • Durable material - easy cleaning.

  • The chassis is made of powder-coated stainless and zinc-plated steel.

  • Thorough cleaning -

When cleaning the shower trolley, the attendant releases the durable stretcher mattress at the control side and folds the mattress over the side so that the hinged stretcher frame can be cleaned and the mattress drains and dries. The mattress will not “drag” on the floor when this is done.

Included Accessories:

  • 3 ft. drain hose
  • Stopper
  • Head pillow
  • Mattress
  • 4” standard casters

Optional Accessories:

  • Bariatric backrest wedge pillow - 15°
  • Factory-mounted lift kit for EZ Lift transfers (allows a minimum of 5” free space under the front legs, which raises the trolley stretcher 2.25”)
  • 8 ft. drain hose
  • 2810 Shower Panel

Individual Model Features:

  • The EZ 2000 features foot-operated height adjustment. This enables the attendant to find the most efficient and convenient working height and gives the attendant both hands free to tend the resident.
  • The EZ 3000's height adjustment is driven by two high-capacity rechargeable batteries, and when charging is needed, an audible tone sounds. Thanks to the beltdriven high/low device, it operates quietly, smoothly and is free from sudden movements.

Product No.

EZ 2000  -  Manually Operated Shower Trolley 28" W x 75" L

EZ 3000  -  Battery Operated Shower Trolley 28" W x 75" L



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

2810 SHOWER PANEL - works for the 4000/4200 as well as the 2000/3000 Shower Trolleys
High Chassis
Back of Hydraulic (Foot-Operated) Chassis
Back of Battery-Operated Chassis
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