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"Overall the five facilities that trialed the equipment thought the EZ Way lifts would best meet our needs.  Since the purchase, the lifts have proven to be reliable as well."

Jason Mahlman, Dir. of Nat. Purchasing
The Goodman Group - Chaska, MN


Platform Walker (Electric, Gas, Manual, Bariatric)

Suitable in many settings, the EZ Way Platform Walker is used to assist post-op residents to walk at an early stage in their recovery when appropriate: in-gait training, ambulation, or for any patient who would benefit from walking but needs additional support.

The Walkers come in four models:  Electric, Gas Assist, Manual, and Bariatric XL.

The Electric Walker is ideal for the patient who needs a walker equipped with power rise and that is capable of height adjustment once the patient is standing. The Power Rise feature provides excellent assistance when helping patients stand. Depending on their current condition, patients may be able to stand up by themselves using the power rise feature. It has a 330 lb. weight capacity.

The Gas Assist Walker is for the patient who needs a quality walker capable of height adjustment but who does not need assistance from a power rise actuator. It has a 330 lb. weight capacity.

The Manual Walker is great for the patient who needs an individually-adaptable walker but does not need to adjust the height very often and has no need of assistance from a power rise actuator. It has a 330 lb. weight capacity.

The Bariatric XL Walker is designed for the bariatric patient and provides extra space and strength. It is equipped with the electric power rise feature and has a 529 lb. weight capacity.

All models have the following features:

Design Features:

  • Adjustable Handles

The ergonomically-designed handles are adjustable in every direction. This is extremely important for stroke patients who can, thus, reach their ”usual” hand position.

  • Easily-Reachable Hand Control

The hand control is located so that both of the caregiver and user’s hands can easily reach it.

  • Comfortable

The EZ Way Platform Walker has anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms, and neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles.

  • Easy Height Adjustment

Smooth height adjustment makes it easy to raise the EZ Way Platform Walker to the desired height. Once the patient is standing in position, the height can be adjusted for best comfort and optimal walking support.

  • Open Design

The open design provides stability with greater room for maneuvering. The patient does not feel shut in and it makes assistance with standing up and dressing easier.

Optional Accessories:

  • IV Pole with Attachment

Allows the patient to move freely in a room. Supplied with attachment fitting.

  • Oxygen Bottle Attachment

  • Accessory Bag

Basket with attachment. Has enough room for all the important stuff.

  • Counter Balance Bar

Acts as a counter weight and provides extra stability and safety when the walker is used for standing assistance.

  • Arm Supports

Prevent arms from sliding from armrest cushions. Adjustable along the walker's sides to further stabilize walking.

  • Aluminum Footplate

Can be used for transferring patients short distances.

  • Steel Footplate

Can be used for transferring patients short distances.

  • Hand Brake Kit - Twin Brakes or One-Handed Brake

Add a hand brake to the walker so that the user is able to halt movement during walking exercises. The rear casters also have directional locks for extra safety/assistance. The one-handed brake is available left and right-handed.

  • Height Adjustment Built into Handles (Only for Electrically-Controlled Walkers)

All the electrically-controlled walkers can be ordered and fitted with built-in push-button height adjustment in the handles. This enables all patients to safely and securely adjust the height without ever releasing the handles.

Product No.

EZ56310 - Manual Walker, 330 lb. weight capacity
EZ56311 - Gas Assist Walker, 330 lb. weight capacity
EZ56312 - Electric Walker, 330 lb. weight capacity
EZ56315 - Bariatric XL Walker, 529 lb. weight capacity



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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