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"I have worked in the health care field for 17 years as a Maintenance Director.  I wanted to take a minute to thank you for an outstanding product.  My current employer owns half a dozen patient lifts.  Unfortunately only one of them is an EZ Way [purchased in 1998].  If I had my way they'd all be EZ Way!  I have repa...

Larry Cerutti, Maintenance Director
Pacific, MO


PPS Glide Air-Assisted Transfer Mattress

PPS Glide allows two caregivers to laterally transfer a patient safely while reducing the potential for back injury. The core of the system is an inflatable mat that lifts and floats the patient on a cushion of air, all that with very little effort. Caregivers can transfer even very large patients from one surface to another.



Standard Features:


  • Air technology lets patients ride comfortably on a cushion of air
  • Safety straps secure patients to the transfer mat
  • Thermal protection for patient safety
  • Available in single-patient use mattress to reduce cross contamination. Will hold up to multiple lateral transfers during a patient stay.
  • Complete system conveniently stores in roller tote
  • Machine-washable transfer mat and urethane-coated nylon pull handles make cleaning convenient


Optional Features:


  • Air Supply System (including blower, hanging clip, power cord, transfer bridge, 8' air hose, and tote)
  • Foldable transfer bridge
  • Lightweight blower unit with expandable air hose (8’ max)
  • Hook and strap to hang blower unit 



Product No.


3062500028 - 28" Reg Mattress

3062500032 - 32" Large Mattress

3062500046 - 46" Bariatric Mattress

3062500S36 - Single Patient Use 36" Reg Mattress (Case of 10)

3062500S40 - Single Patient Use 40" Reg Mattress (Case of 10)

3062500S50 - Single Patient Use 50" Reg Mattress (Case of 5)

AS100 - Air Supply System

3061120028 - 28" Protective Sheet

3061120032 - 32" Protective Sheet

3061120046 - 46" Protective Sheet

HL100 - 25' Air Hose


Call 1-800-627-8940 to schedule a demonstration or to order today!



WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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