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Sit, Slide, Stay Pad


A one way slide pad to help prevent sliding forward in a wheelchair.

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Applications & Features


  • Prevents resident from slowly sliding forward in a wheelchair

  • Helps to maintain a good sitting position in the wheelchair

Features and Benefits:

  • Allows a person to sit down at the front of a chair, and then slide their hips back into the chair

  • Webbing handles allow one or two nurses to assist in sliding the resident to the back of the wheelchair

  • Special material allows the pad to only slide in one direct and prevent a resident from slowly sliding forward

  • The pad does not build up heat, is comfortable to sit on and is virtually unnoticeable when in use


15.5" wide x 21.5" deep



Configuration Filters

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Available Configurations

407HXW - Sit, Slide & Stand Pad Bariatric

407H - Sit, Slide & Stand Pad


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