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Platform Walkers: Our versatile platform walkers for sale are one of the original lines that combine sit-to-stand functions, rehabilitation functions, and the ability to participate in daily walking. The design of these geriatric and bariatric walkers has been refined over two decades. There are multiple styles and features to fit your needs based on weight capacity, acuity level, and functionality. Choose from standard manual adjustment, gas-assist, electric, and an electric assist in bariatric size. The Rise and Go Walker (with Power Rise assist) replicates a natural standing movement. This battery-powered standing device can be used as a walker, for pivot transfers (with an optional foot platform), and as a rehabilitation tool (with an optional training harness). Our line of geriatric and bariatric platform walkers for sale and Rise and Go are suitable in a variety of settings including skilled nursing, acute, and post-acute environments.

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