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Sit-to-Stand Equipment: 

Our sit-to-stand patient lifts offer more than just pivot transfers. With height adjustable and removable footplates and walker handles, our stands also help with Early Mobility exercises and serve as ambulation devices, providing added functionality for various mobility needs. With 3-In-1 functionality, you can perform pivot transfers, physical therapy and Early Mobility exercises, and use the sit-to-stand aid as an ambulation device, making it very versatile for meeting the different requirements of each person.

Patients are securely fastened to with a harness to the stand, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. The adjustable footplate enables safe step exercises at three different levels while the patient remains secured in the stand. Remove the footplate and the sit-to-stand aid becomes an ambulation device keeping the person safe from falls. This makes our stands ideal for physical therapy and progressive mobility exercises. Therapists can concentrate on patient posture and positioning without needing to hold a gait belt, improving the effectiveness of therapy sessions.

Our sit-to-stand patient lifts are available in weight capacities of 400 lb., 500 lb., and 800 lb., the highest weight capacity in the industry. Our non-motorized Stand Aid has a weight capacity of 450 lb. All our Smart Stands come with the optional integrated scales with a weight recall feature for easy weight monitoring as well as Smart Technology for advanced functionality.

Our non-motorized Stand Aid is designed people who can be actively engaged in the standing process, our non-motorized stand aid is ideal for pivot transfers, vehicle extractions, and easier commode access.

Explore our Sit-to-Stand Accessories page to find a full range of available accessories, including harnesses, wrist straps, walker handles, chest straps, and more.

Our sit-to-stand patient lifts and sit-to-stand aids provide safe, versatile, and effective solutions for patient mobility and therapy.

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