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Sit-to-Stand Equipment: Sit-to-Stand Equipment: Our sit-to-stand patient lifts and aids go beyond being pivot transfer devices. With removable footplates and walker handles, our stands can double as ambulation devices in addition to facilitating pivot transfers. The sit-to-stand patient lift provides a safe option for physical therapy and progressive mobility exercises too. Patients are safely secured with a harness to mitigate the risk of falls and injuries. The adjustable footplate allows a patient to perform step exercises while safely secured in a harness. Therapists benefit too by being able to focus on posture and positioning instead of having to hold onto a gait belt. Our sit-to-stand patient aids come in multiple weight capacities including 400 lb., 500 lb., and 800 lb. Integrated scales are available as an option on all of our Smart Stands. Choose from our Smart Stands with built-in Smart Technology or our Classic Stand. For those who can be actively engaged in the standing process, the non-motorized stand aid is an option. The 450 lb. weight capacity stand aid can be used for pivot transfers, as a vehicle extraction device, Hand for easier commode access. Head to our Sit-to-Stand Accessories page to explore the full range of available accessories, including harnesses, wrist straps, walker handles, chest straps, and more.

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