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"I love the EZ Way Smart Stand for its capability, and it always works!"

Todd Gschwend BSN, RN Injury Prevention Coord.
University of Colorado Hospital


EZ Downloads

2019 Catalogs

EZWay_Bathing_Catalog_19_025E5D7803393.pdf Icon 2019 EZ Way Bathing Catalog

A standalone catalog of EZ Way bathing and hygiene products.

2019_EZWay_Catalog_BD59228EB136A.pdf Icon 2019 Main EZ Way Catalog

New 2019 catalog of EZ Way lifting and transferring products.


2020 Catalog

Bargain Center

Check out discounted EZ Way equipment and accessories. Quantities are limited and first come first served, so contact your EZ Way Sales Representative today!



Ceiling Lift Packet

Ceiling Lift Information and Track Schematics

Form_2245_CL1000_Spec_F14163DE2F54B.pdf Icon CL1000 Spec Sheet

Form_2243_CL650_Spec_B71980DA2B96E.pdf Icon CL650 Spec Sheet

Form_2244_CL650PM_Spec_41632F1EFB58C.pdf Icon CL650PM Spec Sheet


EZ Stretcher Chairs

EZ Way Accessory Operator Instructions

EZ Way Bathing Line Operator Manuals

EZ Way Training Quizzes

Download the Word document file that contains the questions for the EZ Way training quiz. Fill the questions out and print them off; or complete the quiz, save the completed quiz to your computer, and email the document to your supervisor.

EZ_Ceiling_Lift_Fixed_Motor_Quiz_9928BD08795F9.doc Icon EZ Ceiling Lift Fixed Motor Quiz Questions

EZ_Ceiling_Lift_Portable_Motor_Quiz_4A6C82483580C.doc Icon EZ Ceiling Lift Portable Motor Quiz Questions

EZMattQuiz_D53F698E14BFD.doc Icon EZ Matt Quiz Questions

EZOutQuiz2_16E18A8B356AC_E879883DB7AC6.doc Icon EZ Out Quiz Questions

SmartLiftQuiz_80455FE5BB441.doc Icon EZ Way Smart Lift® Quiz Questions

SmartStandQuiz_B0045FA9676AF.doc Icon EZ Way Smart Stand® Quiz Questions


FDA Patient Lift Safety Guide

Make it EZ!

2018_Check_it_out_D2F8163DA85FF.pdf Icon Check it out! Flyer

MakeitEasy_FF44F1F8AAF17.pdf Icon Make it EZ!

The EZ Way marketing flyer.  EZ Way is the premiere choice in the industry, and this flyer describes why!

Form_2155_Why_Choose_EZ_Way_Flyer_3C4830084CD46.pdf Icon Why Choose EZ Way Flyer


Operator Manuals

Product Competency Checklists

Product Information

2234_2810_Flyer_B2ED75A7B19E7.pdf Icon 2810 Shower Panel Flyer

EZSolutionBrief_Bariatric_201501200_0C080018A32AB.pdf Icon Airpal Lateral Transfer Mattress Products

EZProductBrief_SaniLiner20140721001_A853E5E0F6D6C.pdf Icon Airpal Sani-Liner Product Brief

EZProductBrief_SPS_20140528001_F8B1926364903.pdf Icon Airpal Single-Patient Transfer Mattress Brief

EZProductBrief_PVR_TransferPad_2013_476E5461BE688.pdf Icon Airpal Transfer Mattress Product Brief

Form_4002_Atlantic_Flyer_8CEA885856612.pdf Icon Atlantic Product Flyer

Form_2268_XL_Hygiene_Chair_Flyer_5255B63D3F8B1.pdf Icon Bariatric Hygiene Chair Flyer

Form_4012_Bath_Lift_Flyer_05A713F804CC5.pdf Icon Bath Lift Product Flyer

Form_4004_Caribbean_Flyer_862DDC3BD689C.pdf Icon Caribbean Product Flyer

Form_4005_Caspian_Flyer_57398BA58D86A.pdf Icon Caspian Product Flyer

Form_2160_Ceiling_Lift_Flyer_FD38ECC11AE93.pdf Icon Ceiling Lift Flyer

Form_4006_Chesapeake_Flyer_F6DA505078CF2.pdf Icon Chesapeake Product Flyer

2338_Classic_Stand_Flyer_ED1730390ADC0.pdf Icon Classic Stand Flyer

Form_2218_Classic_Tilt_Table_Flyer_5D12B75D0D0A5.pdf Icon Classic Tilt Table Flyer

Form_2213_Comfortline_II_Flyer_FAC5AD310EA0D.pdf Icon Comfortline II Flyer

ComfortlineIIInstall_B723C92E2E291.pdf Icon Comfortline II Installation Guide

Form_2275_Dignity_Bariatric_Flyer_08CF2A5FFE2D6.pdf Icon Dignity Bariatric Flyer

Form_2282_Dignity_Classic_Commode_C_245FB6C49C14B.pdf Icon Dignity Classic Commode Chair Flyer

Form_2274_Dignity_Classic_Flyer_A8DA24DCA7FFF.pdf Icon Dignity Classic Flyer

Form_2280_Height_Adjustable_Reclini_F4152A794C470.pdf Icon Dignity Height Adj. Reclining Shower Chair Flyer

2276_Dignity_Reclining_Shower_Chair_2D1F01E112FD6.pdf Icon Dignity Reclining Shower Chair Flyer

Form_2177_Light_Lift_Flyer_5D333A739AB74.pdf Icon EZ Light Lift Flyer

Form_2216_Mobile_Bath_Lift_System_F_663F5C62A21E7.pdf Icon EZ Mobile Bath Lift System Flyer

Form_2020_EZ_Out_Flyer_67A93F20B2FA8.pdf Icon EZ Out Flyer

Form_2320_EZ_Repo_Flyer_39A782F9DCF00.pdf Icon EZ Repositioner Flyer

2299_Classic_Lift_Flyer_E6EA0CF5453AD.pdf Icon EZ Way Classic Lift Flyer

2148_Stand_Lift_Accessories_Checkli_D4429114B048D.pdf Icon EZ Way Lift and Stand Accessories Checklist

Form_2222_Stand_Aid_w_Movable_Legs__956DAC20106FB.pdf Icon EZ Way Stand Aid with Moveable Legs Flyer

Form_2255_EZ1000_Flyer_4EF2F1F0FEE3F.pdf Icon EZ1000 Flyer

Form_2215_EZ1700_Flyer_1F5586E060B63.pdf Icon EZ1700 Flyer

2211_EZ20003000_Flyer_5FC53E8D6E663.pdf Icon EZ2000/3000 Flyer

Form_2294_EZ3200_Flyer_C06681224B3C1.pdf Icon EZ3200 Flyer

2212_EZ40004200_Flyer_01B3A2F874918.pdf Icon EZ4000/4200 Flyer

Form_2214_EZ900_Flyer_D23BF73A7A382.pdf Icon EZ900 Flyer

Form_4007_Geneva_Flyer_A8925D38B04F1.pdf Icon Geneva Product Flyer

4008_Healthcare_Bathing_Systems_Fly_A63A84317FA88.pdf Icon Healthcare Bathing Systems

Form_2288_Hourglass_Sling_Flyer_EC92B5F5D08CA.pdf Icon Hourglass Sling Flyer

Form_2267_Hygiene_Chair_Flyer_DD254F2F6DFC8.pdf Icon Hygiene Chair Flyer

1162_Lithium_Battery_Pack_Flyer_D2F0F8881368C.pdf Icon Lithium Battery Pack

Form_2306_MultiPurpose_Sling_Flyer_8ECB8C1FC6C54.pdf Icon Multi-Purpose Sling Flyer

Form_4009_Optional_Features_for_Bat_28E9F279D4812.pdf Icon Optional Features for Bathing Systems

Form_2257_Platform_Walker_Flyer_E030F48D271EF.pdf Icon Platform Walkers Flyer

Form_2312_PPS_Glide_Cleaning_Instru_7F04963511457.pdf Icon PPS Glide Cleaning Instructions

Form_2311_PPS_Glide_Features__Benef_F9445CEB21700.pdf Icon PPS Glide Features & Benefits

Form_2314_PPS_Glide_Product_Informa_5AF881E863501.pdf Icon PPS Glide Product Information

Form_2328_PPS_Glide_Single_Use_Spec_8E8AAC8AAFE7C.pdf Icon PPS Glide Single-Use Spec Sheet

Form_2310_PPS_Glide_Spec_Sheet_1964C88D7D2D8.pdf Icon PPS Glide Spec Sheet

Form_2315_PPS_Glide_TIP_info_D9701E1E19EE8.pdf Icon PPS Glide TIP Info

Form_2315_PPS_Slide_vs_PPS_Glide_7D954C364A125.pdf Icon PPS Glide vs PPS Slide

Form_2305_Rane_Tubs_Checklist_232000C07DC32.pdf Icon Rane Tubs Checklist

2130_Repositioning_and_Turning_Shee_B4E681BE8B42D.pdf Icon Repositioning & Turning Sheet Flyer

Form_2300_Rise__Go_Flyer_15563BCC6459C.pdf Icon Rise & Go Walker Flyer

Form_2303_Single_Patient_Limb_Lifti_0264EA2E202D1.pdf Icon Single Patient Limb Lifting Strap Flyer

Form_2241_Single_Patient_Disp_C273294642D92.pdf Icon Single Patient Slings and Harnesses

Form_2187_1000_lb_Smart_Lift_Featur_36C1FF8684E29.pdf Icon Smart Lift 1,000 lb. Specifications and Features

Form_2189_Smart_Lift_Specifications_3E4404D44FF1C.pdf Icon Smart Lift 500 lb. & 600 lb. Spec. & Features

EZ_Way_Smart_Lift_Flyer_Form_2238_A8846BB5F70ED.pdf Icon Smart Lift Flyer

Form_2188_Smart_Stand_Specification_EA6250A36F6C5.pdf Icon Smart Stand 400 lb. & 500 lb. Specs

Form_2186_800_lb_Smart_Stand_Spec_55A56DE788EEE.pdf Icon Smart Stand 800 lb. Specifications and Features

2179_EZ_Way_Smart_Stand_Flyer_5FCD1446D60C3.pdf Icon Smart Stand Flyer

Form_2013_Spacer_Fabric_Flyer_3C4A3091D58F5.pdf Icon Spacer Fabric Flyer

4010_Victoria_Tub_Flyer_10829A6DBA179.pdf Icon Victoria Product Flyer

Form_4011_Winnipeg_Flyer_07647771B7D8E.pdf Icon Winnipeg Product Flyer


Service Manuals & Preventative Maintenance

Terms and Conditions

Warranty Information

Web Links: Safe Patient Handling Resources

What's Ahead In Health Care Workers' Compensation




OSHA Safe Patient Handling Information, Tools, and Resources




New York Times Article Featuring Parkland Hospital: Bigger Hospital Rooms for Bigger Patients




Nursing - A Profession in Peril: A Five-Part Series On Health Care Workers Injured On The Job




NPR: Injured Nurses 4 Part Series




State-by-State Safe Patient Handling Legislation Analysis by Prevent, Inc.




NIOSH/CDC - Safe Lifting and Movement of Nursing Home Residents publication




CDC - Preventing Back Injuries in Healthcare Settings (NIOSH Science Blog)




American Nurses Association - "Handle With Care" Safe Patient Handling Initiative




Webinar Presentations