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A Patient's Guide to Safe Patient Handling

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

As practitioners and champions of safe patient handling programs, we understand the safety and benefits of using safe patient handling equipment. However, a patient’s or resident’s first experience with this type of equipment can be a little scary. They may not understand the purpose of the equipment, may not be used to people being that close to them (when applying the sling or harness), or they may not understand how safe and comfortable the process can be when done properly. Likewise, their loved ones may have similar concerns. EZ Way has created A Patient’s Guide to Safe Patient Handling to help provide information for first time patient users (and their families and loved ones) about the benefits of safe patient handling, both for them and for their caregivers.

Written for and from the viewpoint of a patient or resident, the guide begins by explaining safe patient handling, and how it benefits the person and their caregivers. Knowing how the equipment works will not only benefit them, but also protect their caregivers, can have a big impact on their experience and willingness to participate. The next section briefly discusses the type of equipment used in a safe patient handling program, how it works, and how it helps. Along with providing information, our guide contains color pictures give the patient or family members a visual idea of the equipment that they may be using so they are familiar the first time they see it in person. The guide concludes with some real life examples of patients and residents who have used safe patient handling equipment, and a how it helped to improve their lives.

We know that the use of safe and comfortable safe patient handling practices doesn’t have to be scary. Let’s make sure our patients and residents feel the same. Feel free to use this information guide to help put your first time patient users and their families at ease.

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