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Bariatric Showering Just Got Better!

Dignity Bariatric Shower Chair with new back

EZ Way is pleased to announce the introduction of the improved Dignity Bariatric Shower Chair from Rebotec. Check out the new design on our product page. The chair now comes with a new and improved polyamide nylon backrest providing the same no rust, no scratch, and no peel protection as the base. The solid and sturdy backrest is attached to the back by two crossbeams providing improved stability and comfort.


All of the other safety, comfort, and quality features remain such as swinging arm rests, easy cleaning, a vulcanized rubber overseat with no stitching or foam, and a 440lb. weight capacity.


Durability, Safety, and Comfort

The biggest complaint we get from PVC chair owners is that the PVC chairs are uncomfortable, have pinch points, and they just don’t last very long. Our chairs are built with durability, comfort, and safety in mind. The sturdy, yet comfortable design outlasts multiple PVC chairs providing better overall value for you.


Image showing how the shower chair breaks down for cleaning

Easy Cleaning

The simple assembly method of our shower chairs allows them to be ready to clean in just 20 seconds. This ease and speed of cleaning make it more likely that caregivers will clean the chairs regularly, promoting better hygiene and patient safety.


Hygienic and Non-Absorbent Materials

Our non-absorbent surfaces prevent the retention of fluids within the structure. This reduces the risk of corrosion and bacterial growth which can make cleaning less effective.


Chemical Resistant

Our chairs can be cleaned with all leading brands of anti-bacterial products, and the materials resist signs of aging holding their looks much longer than other chairs.


If you’re interested in a high-quality alternative to PVC chairs, let’s talk. We are happy to bring one in and let you and your team discover how our shower chairs will provide a more pleasant showering experience for patient and caregiver alike.

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