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Enhancing Patient Safety and Comfort with the BridgeSTAR Turning and Repositioning System

Updated: Jul 5

Infographic explaining the costs of caregiver injury
The Risks of Cargiver Injury

This edition of the Learning Center explores this patient repositioning system, and how it can promote positive outcomes for both patient and caregiver as well as improve operational efficiency. The BridgeSTAR System is designed to act as a pressure ulcer prevention system to enhance patient comfort while also significantly reducing the physical strain on caregivers.


The BridgeSTAR System

The BridgeSTAR System is engineered as a single-patient-use tool, to help caregivers in safely managing various and frequent patient handling tasks. The system is comprised of three key components – the base (featuring a Repositioning Sheet with Handles or BridgeAIR mattress), foam wedges, and BreatheDRY absorbent pad. This equips caregivers with the essential tools to safely and efficiently conduct patient handling functions.


Improved Patient Outcomes

The BridgeSTAR System can help improve patient outcomes through wound care and pressure ulcer prevention. Regular turning and repositioning are critical in preventing pressure ulcers. The BridgeSTAR system ensures consistent and precise repositioning, significantly reducing the incidence of these painful and often severe wounds. The pressure ulcer prevention equipment system incorporates breathable materials, allowing it to remain under the patient without causing discomfort or compliance issues. The materials used eliminate shearing and friction, providing a safer and more comfortable experience for patients.


The multiple sizes and configurations of the system allow caregivers to meet the specific needs of different patients and healthcare environments. From general medical-surgical units to specialized areas such as radiology, emergency rooms, intensive care units, and transport departments, the system offers versatile solutions for various patient handling requirements.


Anthony Febbraro, Director of Safe Patient Handling for Bridge Health, says, "As Safe Patient Handling becomes part of a larger quality directive to include the prevention of pressure injuries, infections, and falls, the STAR system closes the gap as a solution to provide astronomical preventative costs across these events.”

Designed with Caregivers in Mind

The BridgeSTAR system is designed to prevent caregiver injuries by significantly reducing the effort required for lateral transfers and repositioning tasks. This reduction in physical strain helps protect healthcare workers from musculoskeletal injuries, which are common in the healthcare industry.


When compared to the cost of caregiver injuries, the pressure ulcer prevention equipment system is a budget-friendly option that does not compromise on quality or effectiveness. Its affordability makes it an attractive choice for healthcare facilities looking to enhance patient comfort without straining their budgets.


The Components

The BridgeSTAR system has three components, each tailored to specific needs:

BridgeSTAR Sheets - Available in multiple sizes, these sheets have a weight capacity between 800 to 1,000 pounds, depending on the sheet. The sheets are made for simplicity and do not require a lift to complete the task.

Inforgraphic explaining the components of the BridgeSTAR System
The BridgeSTAR System


BridgeAIR™ Mattresses - These single-patient-use mattresses have a weight capacity of up to

1,200 pounds, provides exceptional support and comfort while significantly reducing the forces required to laterally transfer and reposition patients. The mattress is made with breathable fabric allowing it to be left under the patient while promoting a healthy microclimate for skin care.


Turning/Repositioning Wedges - These latex-free, non-slip, and disposable wedges come in assorted sizes and angles to provide optimal positioning. The wedges help to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Directional arrows on the wedges ensure proper placement and position.


BreatheDRY™ Absorbent Protection Pads - These pads will protect the mattress or sheet and provide a better experience for the patient. BreatheDRY pads have a breathable absorbent layer that wicks moisture away from the skin. The soft, non-woven air-permeable top layer provides patient comfort and manages climate control and preserves skin integrity different levels of absorbency and sizes, ensuring patients stay dry and comfortable.


The BridgeSTAR Turning and Repositioning System is not just about pressure ulcer prevention equipment; it's about fostering a culture of safety and care. By reducing the risk of injuries to both patients and caregivers and enhancing patient comfort, the system supports better health outcomes and a more efficient healthcare environment.


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