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EZ Stand Aid - Pivot Transfers & So Much More

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

You may know our EZ Stand Aid as an affordable, non-motorized transfer assist device, but it is so much more. It is commonly used in a patient’s or resident’s room when needing to transfer from their bed to a chair, toilet, or wheel chair. However, the EZ Stand Aid is not limited to these applications. This transfer assist device's base design makes it ideal for use with big wheel stretcher beds that have minimal clearance. It can also be used for quick and efficient vehicle extraction when the person can be actively involved in the standing process. It’s an integral tool in Labor and Delivery departments too. The stand aid places the patient in the ideal position for epidurals, and can aid in the standing process after cesarean delivery.

The EZ Stand Aid is designed for quick transfers with minimal caregiver assistance. Users are actively engaged in the process by grasping the middle bar of the stand aid and pulling themselves up. Once standing, the caregiver engages an automatic-locking split seat to give the user a soft, safe, and comfortable seat while the transfer is completed. Keep in mind this transfer assist device isn’t for everyone. The EZ Stand Aid is designed for those who have the strength to lift and support themselves. Otherwise, an EZ Way sit-to-stand or total lift is recommended.


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