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New Year. New Plan for Safe Patient Handling

The New Year is the time many of us start thinking about what we need to accomplish in the coming year. Don’t forget to think about your safe patient handling improvement plan too.

Having a plan to improve your safe patient handling program, equipment, and training will save you time, money, and help retain your staff. Three of the most significant safe patient handling risks facing organizations are patient injuries and dissatisfaction related to falls; caregiver injuries and loss of staff; and increased operational costs due to manual lifting injuries. A report by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) notes that the use of safe patient handling (SPH) programs decrease the number of patient falls and caregiver injuries, reduce costs associated with injuries, increase patient satisfaction and comfort, and create a more satisfying work environment (OSHA 2014). In addition, the use of safe patient handling equipment has been shown to reduce exposure to manual lifting injuries by up to 95%.

EZ Way can help you with your planning by conducting a safe patient handling evaluation for your organization. EZ Way has developed this comprehensive evaluation to help you improve your safe patient handling program, and the quality of life for your patients, residents, and caregivers; all at no extra cost.

Our team will work with on-site staff to conduct a comprehensive review to better understand your current patient transferring practices, equipment used, and specific needs. The EZ Way team will analyze the data gathered from the evaluation and present you with a customized report providing a snapshot of your current safe patient handling practices, equipment in use, and any recommendations to improve your safe patient handling program. We don’t stop there. We are with you from the initial step of evaluating your needs through product implementation, training of staff, and on-going maintenance of your equipment. Please see the accompanying flyer (Learn More button) for more information, or contact your EZ Way representative.

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