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Providing Dignified Bathing For The Bariatric Patient - A White Paper

Updated: Feb 14

Caregiver showering a patient with dignity
Dignified Showering

TThe increasing prevalence of obesity in the United States poses unique bariatric nursing care challenges for healthcare providers. Beyond the physical difficulties associated with caring for patients of size, there is a critical need for healthcare professionals to provide bariatric patient care with dignity and empathy, considering the emotional and psychological challenges faced by overweight individuals. This extends to even the most basic activities, such as bathing. In her white paper, Heather Monaghan, MHSc, RN, highlights the need for safe and dignified bathing experiences for people of size and compares the options available. Her research shows that shower trolleys provide multiple advantages, and the TR4000 is the only shower trolley available that meets all criteria for patient-focused care during showering.

Selecting appropriate bariatric patient equipment, using a criteria-based approach is highly important. For many patients a shower trolley is a preferred option, offering a balance between effectiveness and preserving their dignity. The 4000 shower trolley is a comprehensive

A 1,000 lb. weight capacity shower trolley
4000 Shower Trolley

solution, meeting many criteria such as weight capacity (1,000 lb.), patient comfort (double-thick mattress), adaptability to different clinical settings, and maintaining dignity during the bathing process. The wider working width of the bariatric trolley provides a comfortable nursing care workspace for caregivers, ensuring thorough cleaning and assessment while minimizing the risk of injury. As importantly, the shower trolley provides a sense of normalcy and safety to the bariatric patient during their continuum of care.

Bariatric patients face a range of physical issues, and our existing healthcare infrastructure often falls short in terms of technology, staffing, and education to adequately address the needs of this patient population while also ensuring that caregivers do not suffer injuries. Safe and dignified nursing care for bariatric patients is a multifaceted challenge that requires a holistic approach. For bathing, the 4000 shower trolley not only meets the physical needs of patients but also contributes to a positive care experience. Healthcare facilities that invest in such patient-focused solutions are more likely to meet the growing expectations of the larger population and provide quality care for all. Click on the link below to download the whitepaper and learn more.

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