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The Hourglass Sling is Designed with Comfort and Modesty in Mind

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The Hourglass Sling is designed with both patient comfort and safety in mind and remains under a person while they are sitting in a chair or wheelchair. Visit our product page and watch this video to learn more about this comfortable sling.


Designed for Comfort and Modesty

The Hourglass Sling uses a basket configuration instead of traditional sling legs to provide maximum comfort and modesty. It includes a mini head support and offers optional features like a toileting hole and a belt. The belt on this comfortable sling is designed to prevent patients from falling forward or rolling from side to side, adding an extra layer of safety during transfers. This sling is applied and removed in bed and by log-rolling the person.


One Comfortable Sling for Many Purposes

The sling can be used for several purposes and is suitable for:

·         Individuals with larger lower extremities

·         Amputees, above or below the knee

·         People with sensitive or thin skin that might incur shearing issues with other sings

·         Those with brittle bones (helps to even out pressure points)

·         Patients in tight wheelchairs or with larger body types, facilitating easier sling application and removal to aid in caregiver safety.


Sizes and Fabrics

The Hourglass Sling is available in several comfortable fabric options to meet different needs but two fabrics especially stand out for use with the sling, the spacer mesh and regular mesh options.


Mesh Spacer Fabric

The spacer fabric model features a three-layer fabric that promotes moisture release, airflow, and heat dissipation. It proves four-way stretch and natural ventilation properties which moves moisture away from the skin, alongside cushioning features to reduce force. This model has been shown to effectively reduce peak pressures and potentially lower the risk of pressure ulcer development when left under a person*. The soft and cushioning properties of the fabric also help to prevent the user from sliding in the sling if they have decreased levels of trunk control.


Regular Mesh Fabric

This sling's comfortable fabric is ideal for people with leg and backside wounds because its woven design provides airflow. The potential for shearing is also reduced because of the absence of sling legs.


For more information on all of our lift accessories, visit our lift accessories page.


*Reference: Webb J, et al., "The impact of hoist sling fabrics on interface pressure whilst sitting in healthy volunteers and wheelchair users: A comparative study," Journal of Tissue Viability (2017),

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