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Top 5 Reasons to Choose an EZ Way Shower Chair over a PVC Chair

Updated: May 30

Not all shower chairs are created equal. Watch our video to see the top five reasons to choose a shower chair from EZ Way over a PVC chair. Our chairs are durable, comfortable, and come in a variety of weight capacities and configurations, including bariatric, reclining, and height adjustable.


Built to be Long-Lasting, Safe, and Comfortable

A big complaint we hear about PVC shower chairs is that they can be uncomfortable with pinch points and don’t last very long with regular use before breaking. EZ Way chairs are built to last with a five-year warranty to prove it, but just as importantly they are built for comfort and safety. This next-generation design is made for comfort and is built with a durable polyamide nylon frame and stainless steel fasteners which means no rusting, scratching, or peeling. The seat has no stitching, and no foam, and will not absorb or retain moisture. The sturdy, yet comfortable design will outlast multiple PVC shower chairs providing better value for your purchase.


Easier and More Efficient Cleaning

The chairs are simple to break down, allowing them to be ready to clean in just 20 seconds. This ease and speed of cleaning make it more likely that caregivers will clean the chairs regularly, promoting better hygiene and patient safety. As importantly, the non-absorbent surfaces prevent the retention of fluids within the structure. This reduces the risk of corrosion and bacterial growth which can make cleaning less effective.


EZ Way shower chairs are designed with both the patient and the caregiver in mind. Our chairs will provide comfort, safety, ergonomics, and efficiency creating a pleasant showering experience for patient and caregiver alike.

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