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500 lb. Smart Lift

The L500 Smart Lift patient lifting machine has a 500 lb. weight capacity, and is used primarily to lift and transfer patients from different surfaces such as the bed, chair, toilet and floor. Our Smart Technology is integrated into the lift and features a proprietary circuit board system that provides customers with added intelligence and safety features. An integrated scale model is available in this weight capacity. The L500 hoist machine for patients includes two batteries, a remote battery charger, and a medium size Deluxe Sling.

A low profile base is available with the L500. The LLB (Low Profile Base) is perfect for beds and stretchers with low clearances.

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Applications & Features

Total Cost of Ownership (Parts)

  • Average annual cost of just $38.22 over ten years


  • Transfer patients to/from bed, commode, wheelchair, chair or from the floor.

  • Reposition or turn patients in bed using specialty accessories.

  • Weigh patients using optional scale.

  • Elevate limbs using Limb Lifting Straps.


Backlit LCD screen

  • During operation, EZ Way's LCD screen is illuminated for ease in viewing lift readout information

  • Battery gauge, function indicator, dual up/down control, digital scale readout

Usage time captured

  • Lift usage time is captured in minutes, great for tracking frequency of use

Inspection reminder

  • An available feature, helpful to ensure preventative maintenance compliance

Overload protection

  • Should the actuator be overloaded due to lifting excess weight, lifting against an obstruction, or mechanical failure, "Actuator Overload" will appear on the LCD screen, the lift will cease lifting, and will only lower.  A great feature to protect both patients and the lift.

Weight Overload

  • This feature will display "Weight Overload" on the LCD screen due to lifting excess weight and will only allow the lift to lower

Weight recall

  • On units with scale, the last weight taken is retained until a new weight is taken, allowing caregivers easy reference in busy working environments


Battery Power 2 - 24 Volt lead acid 

Remote Charging Unit - 1 - 120V UL listed 

Base Dimensions w/ 3" Standard Caster - 24" w x 48" l x 4.75" h 

Base Height w/ 2" Caster - 3.25" 

Base Height w/ Low Base - 2.25" 

Sling With Unit Size - Medium Deluxe

Digital Scale Optional

Smart Lift (500lb-600lb) Specifications Sheet



EZ Products are manufactured with the highest quality components. EZ Way, Inc. warrants that all new equipment, with normal use and service, will be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of (see above) from the date of purchase by the original purchaser. Normal wear and tear, injury by natural forces, user neglect and purposeful destruction are not covered by this warranty. Warranty service must be performed by the manufacturer at 710 E. Main St., Clarinda, Iowa, or by an authorized repair center at their location. On occasion, EZ Way, Inc. may authorize in-house repairs, but these repairs MUST be pre-approved to avoid invalidation of the warranty. Services covered under warranty include any labor that takes place at EZ Way, Inc. Cost of labor incurred while installing the warranty part at the place of ownership is not covered by this warranty. EZ Way, Inc.s obligation is limited to the replacement of parts that have been returned and are determined by EZ Way, Inc. to be defective. THE PROVISIONS OF THIS WARRANTY CLAUSE ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, AND OF ALL OTHER OBLIGATIONS OR LIABILITIES ON EZ WAY, INC.S PART AND IT NEITHER ASSUMES OR AUTHORIZES ANY OTHER PERSON TO ASSUME FOR EZ WAY, INC. ANY OTHER LIABILITIES IN CONNECTION WITH THE SALE OF SAID ARTICLE. IN NO EVENT SHALL EZ WAY, INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY SUBSEQUENTIAL OR SPECIAL DAMAGES. ANY MISUSE, IMPROPER INSTALLATION OR TAMPERING SHALL VOID THIS WARRANTY. Your warranty was registered automatically by EZ Way, Inc. at time of purchase.


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Available Configurations

L500PS-05 - 500 lb. Smart Lift with scale with 5 inch casters (Upgrade)

L500PS-04 - 500 lb. Smart Lift with scale with 4 inch casters (Upgrade)

L500PS-02 - 500 lb. Smart Lift with scale with 2 inch casters (Upgrade)

L500PS-03 - 500 lb. Smart Lift with scale with 3 inch casters (Standard)

L500PN-04 - 500 lb. Smart Lift without scale with 4 inch casters (Upgrade)

LLB500PN - 500 lb. Smart Lift Low Profile Leg without scale (Upgrade)

L500PN-02 - 500 lb. Smart Lift without scale with 2 inch casters

LLB500PS - 500 lb. Smart Lift Low Profile Leg with scale (Upgrade)

L500PN-03 - 500 lb. Smart Lift without scale with 3 inch casters (Standard)

L500PN-05 - 500 lb. Smart Lift without scale with 5 inch casters (Upgrade)


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