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Bariatric Slide Sheet


The Bariatric Slide Sheet Tube is used for lateral transferring or repositioning patients/residents. This friction-reducing, manual transferring and repositioning aid is intended for use by two or more caregivers. The tube design allows the nylon fabric to slide against itself creating a 'frictionless' maneuver for either laterally transferring or reposition a patient in bed. Sturdy box-stitched handles surrounding each side of the tube sheet provide caregivers ease-of-use function. Made of durable nylon, this product is re-useable and machine washable.

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Applications & Features


  • 100% strong Nylon Sheet

  • 100% Polypropylene Webbing/Handles built-in for ease of use

  • 37" x 58"

  • Compact, low friction patient handling device

  • Lateral or ?up-in-bed? repositioning

  • Lateral transfers

  • Made of strong nylon

  • Ergonomic handles built in for ease of use

  • Available in roller/tube style (shown) or single flat sheet


48" x 56"



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Available Configurations

500262 - Bariatric Tube Slide Sheet


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