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BridgeRoller Short


Safely transfer patients from one surface to another in seconds
The BridgeRoller is a lightweight, foldable, patient transfer device which aides in the transfer of patients between a variety of surfaces. It is essentially a patient transfer board and a padded slide tube in one.

Lightweight and easy to use, the BridgeRoller's foam core provides maximum patient comfort. Its unique design reduces the risk of injury by minimizing caregiver effort associated with a lateral transfer move.

An anti-bacterial cover and easy to wipe down surface makes disinfecting the BridgeRoller between patients simple and safe between patients.

BHBR6016- Short BridgeRoller, 16" x 60", (pad is 50" long) 660 lb. Capacity
BHBR7022- Standard BridgeRoller, 22" x 70", (pad is 60" long) 660 lb. Capacity

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Applications & Features


  • Lightweight, weighs only 6lbs

  • Standard size folds in half for easy storage

  • Available in 2 sizes - Standard & EMS

  • Fits on length of bed

  • 660lb. weight capacity 

  • Water resistant

  • Simple cleaning using surface disinfectant

  • Anti-bacterial / fire retardant / anti-static

  • Latex-free with ABS handle


16" wide x 60" long



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Available Configurations

BHBR6016- BridgeRoller Roll Board, Short


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