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Fleece Limb Sling is used to lift limbs of people with sensitive skin. The fleece helps to protect sensitive skin and helps to prevent sheering. This is a patient-dedicated sling.

This can also be used as a cover for Deluxe and Regular Slings. Simply slide over the legs of the deluxe or regular sling for use with people with wounds or sensitive skin. The fleece cover will help to prevent sheering on people with thin or sensitive skin. These are a very good alternative for a facility that does not have hourglass slings. Two covers are required per patient and the fleece sling covers must be patient dedicated.

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Applications & Features


  • To help prevent skin sheering and to add comfort for those with thin/sensative skin

  • Used as a limb lifting sling

  • Use on the legs of a Deluxe or Regular sling to help prevent sheering


  • Made of soft fleece

  • Limb is placed inside the sling which is attached to the hanger bar via the white loop

  • Slides over the sling leg of a Deluxe or Regular sling




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Available Configurations

500223 - Fleece Limb Cover


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