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Freestanding Overhead Patient Lift Track


The freestanding overhead patient lift track system is a great alternative when building modification is not possible. The system works with both our portable and fixed 650 lb. ceiling lift motors, and its flexibility allows it to be moved and assembled where its needed most. The optional caster model allows you to roll the system into position (being mindful of door heights). With a high weight capacity and ease of assembly, the freestanding ceiling lift system provides a safe and easy lifting solution for most patients. Ceiling Lift Motor and slings for this freestanding overhead patient lift track sold separately. Casters are factory mounted and must be ordered with the system.

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Applications & Features

Applications and Features:

• For use in transferring from a bed, wheelchair, bath/shower, and from floor

• Doesn’t affect walls or ceilings

• Simple assembly

• 650 lb. weight capacity

• Can be moved where needed

• Gantry is designed to meet all the requirements of relevant ISO, UL, IEC and EN standards



Length – 118.1 inches

Width  - 57.2 inch

Height - 90.2 inch

System Weight – 96 pounds

Patient Weight Capacity – 650 pounds



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Available Configurations

CT71808C - Freestanding Ceiling Lift Track System with Caster Kit

CT71808 - Freestanding Ceiling Lift Track System


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