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Suitable in many settings, the EZ Way Platform Hospital Walker is used to assist post-op residents to walk at an early stage in their recovery when appropriate: in-gait training, ambulation, or for any patient who would benefit from walking but needs additional support.

The Gas Assist Walker is for the patient who needs a quality height-adjustable walker, but who does not need assistance from a power rise actuator. It has a 330 lb. weight capacity.

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Applications & Features


  • Egonomically-designed handles are adjustable in every direction

  • Hand control is located so that both of the caregiver and user?s hands can easily reach it

  • Anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms, and neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles.

  • Smooth height adjustment makes it easy to raise the EZ Way Platform Walker to the desired height

  • Height can be adjusted with patient in standing position for best comfort and optimal walking support

  • The open design provides stability with greater room for maneuvering

Optional Accessories

  • IV Pole with Attachment

  • Oxygen Bottle Attachment

  • Accessory Bag

  • Counter Balance Bar

  • Arm Supports

  • Aluminum Footplate

  • Steel Footplate

  • Hand Brake Kit - Twin Brakes or One-Handed Brake


Width - 30.7"

Weight Capacity - 330 lb.

Length - 31.5"

Height - 35.8" - 50.7"

Armrest Dimensions - 9.8" - 19.6"



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Available Configurations

EZ56311 - Gas Assist Platform Walker


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