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Patient Transfer Scale


The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) is a transfer board with a built-in medical scale that provides a weight measurement when transferring a patient. It presents an accurate weight when it is critical for safe medication management for time sensitive patients, and can be utilized as part of an existing patient transfer process.

When managing a patient with a critical condition like a stroke, every minute counts. It is imperative to get an accurate weight quickly when the patient is first admitted to the hospital. The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) does just that. Weights can be given in pounds or kilograms.

For Nurses and BY Nurses
The PTS was developed and invented by an Emergency Care nurse, with the final design based on feedback from healthcare professionals. The PTS can accommodate 90% of patients, including children who weigh over 22 pounds. The PTS was designed to be a simple, easy to use product. Mild detergents with water or detergent wipes can be used to clean the scale.

A fully charged battery will have approximately 50 hours of battery life. Comes with a built-in height guide on the surface.

Where Is This Used?
All departments can benefit from the PTS, particularly Stroke Units, the Emergency Room, ICU, and Radiology. The scale is light and portable and can be utilized as part of an existing patient transfer process when a weight is needed, and will not disrupt the patient flow process.

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Applications & Features


  • Accurate weight while conducting a transfer

  • Significantly reduces "door-to-needle" time

  • Can weight in KGs or LBs

  • Large, clear digital weight display

  • Easy to clean

  • 50 hour battery life (when fully charged)

  • 550 lb. patient weight capacity

  • Built-in height guide on the surface


Overall Dimensions - 71" W x 27.5" D x 1" H

Weight Mat Dimensions - 71" W x 21" D

Weight Capacity - 550 lb.

PTS Weight - 25 lb.

Display - 3" x 1" Bkacklit LCD

Power Source - 3.7V rechargable battery


2-year limited manufacturer warranty


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