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The Rise & Go is a cost-effective ambulation and rehabilitation walker enhanced with a patented power rising function. Thanks to the electric power rise function, the Rise & Go becomes a combined stand, mobility and walking aid all in one single product. It only takes 3 simple steps to raise a patient:

Step 1: The harness is fitted over the patient's lower back and bottom, the straps adjusted and the leg supports placed in the correct position.
Step 2: The patient holds onto the handles and the electrically driven power rise function begins. The patient follows a natural pattern of movement with the aid of the harness and the vertical lift action.
Step 3: On completion of the power rise, the ambulation walker's leg supports are swung away and the patient is free to walk. Alternatively, patients place their feet on the optional footplate and are ready to be transferred once standing.

The Rise & Go rehabilitation walker enables better work ergonomics for caregivers. Thanks to the smart power rise assistance, standing up becomes a safe, confident, and natural action that does not wear out the backs of health care personnel. When the patient stands up, the electric power rise function is employed and the attachment reduces the distance between the patient and the walker until the walker is in the standing position. The Rise & Go contributes to reduced workloads and is an investment in personnel health and the patient's rehabilitation.

The product consists of a walker and its associated harness and straps. Harnesses are available in different sizes (S, M, and L).

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Applications & Features


  • A complete solution that saves time, space, and money, which means great cost efficiency

  • Provides safe and confident standing and mobility creating a better working environment for all

  • Electric power rise assistance provides a natural standing action allowing the patient to participate

  • The harness is washable, simple, and flexible to wear even while toileting

  • The Rise & Go is equipped with a smooth electric height adjustment


  • 330 lb. working weight capacity.

  • Anatomical cushions provide relief for shoulders, arms, and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles. This improves stability and makes the walker easier to steer.

  • Electrically driven height adjustment. Pre-set the walker to the desired height

  • Height can be steplessly adjusted for comfort and proper support while patient is standing

  • Power Rise is a unique aid for assisting patients during the standing maneuver

  • Electrical components are waterproof (IP 66 international protection ratings). Can be used in wet spaces

  • Open design provides the same stability but with greater room for maneuvering

  • Rise & Go is also reinforced and extended for extra stability during the standing maneuver

  • Height adjustable leg supports for a better standing maneuver. Can be moved aside for greater space

  • Rise & Go has four individually lockable casters as standard.

  • Extra reinforcement bands around the arm rest cushions to prevent them from splitting 

  • Armrests can be folded out to allow patient to reach the handles during the standing 

  • Ergonomically-designed articulating handles. Adjustable in every direction

  • The hand controls are located so that both the caregiver's and patient's hands can easily reach them

Optional Accessories

  • Training harness for increased safety when training using the Rise & Go

  • Footplate that makes patient transfers easy.

  • Handbrakes

  • Directionally-Lockable Casters 


Width Legs Open - 41.73" 

Width Legs Closed - 26" 

Weight Capacity - 330 lb. 

Length - 39.76" 

Height - 35" - 51" 

Armrests Dimension - 13" - 26"


TR Group Inc., Limited Warranty

This limited warranty applies only to the TR GROUP Inc., sold products and used in the United States. TR GROUP Inc., warrants to the original purchaser that all new equipment, with normal use and service, are free from defects in materials and workmanship for the period specified below from the warranty start date (provided

annual maintenance is performed as outlined in Operating Manual).

The warranty start date is the day of installation or 30 days after shipment, whatever comes first.

Metal frame/structure - 3 Years

Seat pads - 2 Years

Mattress/Pillows - 1 Year

Electronics/PCB - 1 Year

Actuators/Motors - 1 Year

Pumps - 1 Year

Hoses/Mixing valves - 1 Year

Batteries - 120 Days

Hand controls - 120 Days

Battery chargers - 120 Days

Fuses - 120 Days

Castors - 90 Days

Plastic covers - 90 Days

Safety belts - 90 Days

Parts replaced under the initial Equipment warranty period will be warranted for the remainder of the original equipment warranty period.

This limited warranty applies only to TR Group Inc., sold products, and becomes void if Equipment has been damaged or rendered defective as a result of;

a)  Acts of God, accident, misuse, vandalism, neglect or default of the Buyer or a third party.

b) Transit, power surge or operating environment.

c) Modification of the equipment without the written permission of TR Equipment.

d) Service by anyone other than TR Equipment authorized agent.

e) Use of parts not manufactured or sold by TR Equipment.

f) Failure to operate in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines or any other improper operation or maintenance or by improper storage of the Equipment.

g) Failure to provide regular maintenance, service or inspections.

h)  Any other cause not directly and primarily caused by defective material, workmanship or design.

i)  Any damage to any equipment caused by the use of improper cleaning liquids

j)  Nicks, dents, scrapes, scratches, or other cosmetic defects, however caused.

All replacement parts, (except consumable parts) purchased after the initial warranty period will be warranted for 6 months from the date of invoice.

Warranty service must be performed by TR GROUP INC., 130 North Madison St. , Rockford, IL 61107, USA, or by an authorized repair center at their location. On occasion, TR GROUP INC. may authorize in-house repairs, but these repairs MUST be pre-approved to avoid invalidation of the warranty.

Services covered under warranty include any labor that takes place at TR GROUP.

Cost of Labor incurred while installing the warrantypart at the place of ownership is not covered by this warranty.

For technical support call or email; Phone: +Toll free: 800-627-8940 Email:

TR Group Inc. will offer spare parts for new products for ten (10) years from date of sale. Note: Some original component parts and assemblies may not be available; functional equivalents may be substituted.

This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty or representation, expressed or implied.

Warranties of Merchantability or Fitness for any particular use or purpose are expressly excluded.

TR Equipment will not be responsible for any expenses, inconvenience or incidental or consequential damages occasioned by the use, loss of use, or misuse of the products, or by the failure of the products to conform to the warranty set forth above.

TR Equipment reserves the right to make design changes and/or improvements without notice.


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Available Configurations

EZ56309 - Rise & Go Platform Walker w/Articulating Legs


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