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Swing-HV, Height Adjustable Reclining Tub


This free-standing, height adjustable, and reclining bathtub for sale is designed for a satisfying and relaxed bathing experience. The simplicity of the design makes it easy to operate, clean, and maintain. Shower handle, thermostatic mixer with scalding protection, support handles, overflow drainage, and supply hoses all come standard. Available options include autofill, built-in disinfection system, Air Spa, LED lighting, and a music system. The Swing free-standing, reclining bathtub for sale is simple to install and can be positioned in almost any central bathing area.

Available Options:
A-Swing - Autofill
AIR - Swing - Airspa
C-Swing - Cleaning/Disinfection System
L-Swing - LED Light System
M-Swing - Music System

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Applications & Features


  • Innovative and attractive design

  • Height Adjustable

  • High quality bathtub made by reinforced fiberglass

  • Easy to operate and learn

  • Easy access to the bathtub

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Ergonomic tub shape with sturdy stainless steel chassis

  • Detached, no wall or floor fixing

  • Anti-scalding protection


  • Hand shower with long hose

  • Thermostatic mixer with scalding protection

  • Support handles

  • Overflow drainage

  • Drainage outlet diam., 1.6 in. (incl. drainage hose)

  • Braided flexible hoses to water supply

  • Optional Features:

  • Autofill system

  • Built-in cleaning system

  • Height adjustment (4 in.)

  • LED Light System

  • Music System

Optional Features:

  • A - Autofill system

  • AIR - Air Spa System

  • C - Built-in cleaning system

  • L - LED Light System

  • M - Music System


Length - 80.3 in.

Width - 31 in.

Max. patient weight - 440 lb.

Height - 47 - 51 in. (height adjustable model)

Lifting speed of adjustable height tub – 0.4 in./second

Overall weight (empty): 309 lb.

Max. hot water temperature - Preset at 109.4°


The Swing=HV Height Adjustable Reclining Bathtub Warranty: EZ Way warrants that its products are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery. EZ Way mattresses and pillow of fabric covered PVC over polyester foam shall be warranted for a period of six months from the date of delivery. This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty or representation, expressed or implied. Warranties of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR USE OR PURPOSE are expressly excluded. EZ Way will not be responsible for any expenses, inconvenience or incidental or consequential damages occasioned by the use, loss of use, or misuse of the products, or by the failure of the products to conform to the warranty set forth above. This warranty becomes void if the product shows evidence of mishandling, tampering, installation or use contrary to the applicable instruction materials, shipping damage, or repair. Routine cleaning, adjustment, and normal cosmetic and mechanical wear are not covered by this warranty.


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Available Configurations

5100008 - Swing-HV, Height Adjustable Reclining Tub


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