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Enhancing Recovery: The Role of EZ Way Safe Patient Handling Equipment in Early Mobility

Updated: 3 days ago

Early Mobility programs are becoming an integral part of patient recovery and rehabilitation. Let’s explore the benefits of early mobility and how EZ Way’s equipment plays a role in this transformative patient care practice.


Understanding Early Mobility and its Benefits

Early mobility refers to the practice of getting patients moving and out of bed as soon as medically feasible. This approach has been shown to improve outcomes in critically ill patients, shorten hospital stays, and enhance the overall recovery process. The benefits are extensive, ranging from reduced muscle atrophy and improved circulation to better respiratory function and decreased incidences of pressure ulcers.


Early mobility can significantly decrease the risk of hospital-acquired conditions, such as deep vein thrombosis, pressure ulcers, and hospital-acquired pneumonia. Patients who participate in early mobility programs often experience faster recoveries, leading to shorter hospital stays and reduced healthcare costs.


Improved Patient Outcomes

Early mobilization, supported by appropriate equipment, has been shown to improve overall patient outcomes, including better functional recovery and quality of life. Engaging in mobility activities can improve patients' mental health, reducing feelings of isolation and depression associated with long-term hospitalization.


Implementing Early Mobility in Healthcare Settings

For early mobility programs to be successful, they must be integrated into the patient's care plan from the outset. Healthcare providers should assess each patient's individual needs and capabilities, selecting the right equipment and tailoring a program to ensure safety and effectiveness. Training for healthcare staff is crucial to ensure they understand the proper use of mobility equipment and techniques.


The Role EZ Way Safe Patient Handling Solutions in Facilitating Early Mobility

Incorporating safe patient handling equipment, such as sit-to-stands, ceiling lifts, and walkers, facilitates the early mobility process by providing the necessary support for both patients and healthcare workers. These tools minimize the risk of injury, promote patient independence, and enhance the overall effectiveness of mobility exercises. EZ Way’s range of safe patient handling equipment helps to support early mobility, and is designed to ensure safety, comfort, and efficiency, in the process.


EZ Way Smart Stand®: Our sit-to-stands are designed to aid patients in the transition from sitting to

standing. They are an excellent tool for early mobility, allowing patients to practice weight-bearing activities in a controlled and safe environment while improving muscle strength and balance. The EZ Way Smart Stand® footplate is adjustable to three different height levels, making it ideal for step exercises with the patient safely secured in a harness attached to the Smart Stand. Adding the optional Walker Handles provides additional support and comfort for the user. Removing the footplate allows the Smart Stand to be turned into an ambulation and gait-training tool.


EZ Way Ceiling Lifts: EZ Way ceiling lifts can be used for early ambulation exercises in conjunction with our Gait Training Sling or Walking Harness. They provide support, allowing patients to safely practice walking movements and posture exercises without the risk of falls.


Platform Walkers and the Rise & Go with Power Glide: Our Platform Walkers and Rise & Go offer support and stability for patients taking their first steps post-injury or surgery. They help maintain balance, distribute weight, and reduce the load on lower limbs, facilitating safer and more effective walking exercises. The Rise & Go with Power Rise is available with an optional harness and gait training kit to provide additional safety and sense of security during gait-training exercises.


The Impact of Early Mobility with EZ Way Equipment

The integration of EZ Way equipment into early mobility programs has a profound impact on both patients and healthcare providers. For patients, the use of these specialized tools can lead to quicker recovery times, less discomfort, and improved overall well-being. Healthcare facilities, on the other hand, benefit from enhanced patient outcomes, reduced incidences of worker injury, and ultimately, a more efficient and effective care delivery system.


Incorporating these pieces of safe patient handling equipment into early mobility therapy and exercises can significantly impact a patient's recovery trajectory, improving outcomes and enhancing the overall rehabilitation experience. It’s essential for healthcare providers to assess each patient's individual needs and progress to select the most appropriate equipment and exercises


Final Thoughts

Early mobility, supported by safe patient handling equipment, is a critical component of modern patient care strategies. Investing in quality safe patient handling equipment and training healthcare staff in its proper use is essential to the success of these programs. With the support of EZ Way’s safe patient handling equipment and training, healthcare facilities can implement effective early mobility programs, ensuring that patients receive the best possible care while also safeguarding the health and safety of healthcare workers.


If you’re a healthcare professional or facility administrator looking to improve patient care and outcomes, consider implementing or enhancing your early mobility program. Let us show you the role of EZ Way safe patient handling equipment in the process so you can start making a significant difference in your patients' recovery journey today.

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