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Ensuring Safe Patient Handling and Accurate Weighing with the Patient Transfer Scale

Safe and efficient handling of patients and accurate weighing are critical to patient care and operational efficiency in health systems. Getting a quick and accurate patient weight with as little number of transfers as possible is essential when working with a patient with a critical condition, like a stroke. The Patient Transfer Scale (PTS) allows caregivers to streamline both processes and reduce the number of transfers and the time it takes to get an accurate weight of a patient. The PTS integrates a built-in medical scale within a transfer board, providing immediate and precise weight readings during patient transfers. The PTS helps streamline workflows and reduce door-to-needle time by providing precise weight measurements quickly and easily during patient transfers -- making it beneficial to multiple departments like stroke units, emergency departments, ICUs, cardiology/cath labs, and radiology.


Quick and Accurate Weighing for Better Clinical Outcomes

An accurate patient weight is essential for delivering the right care and treatment. A patient’s weight factors into determining medication dosages, food replacement, and fluid balance. The PTS weighs critical or immobile patients instantly and accurately, and is a superior alternative to other weighing equipment, such as in-bed scales, which are often not calibrated or inaccurate. Having the ability to obtain a quick and accurate weight can provide significant improvements in patient outcomes like helping shortening door-to-needle times with stroke victims. One case study showed a 4-minute decrease in door-to-needle time. The PTS can also accommodate 90% of patients, including children who weigh over 22 pounds.


A Useful Safe Patient Handling Solution

Safe patient handling is fundamental to maintaining patient and caregiver well-being. Improper handling can lead to injuries for both patients and caregivers, potentially causing long-term harm and increasing healthcare costs. When used with the SlideMate slide sheet, the PTS helps to mitigate these risks by providing a safe and efficient method for transferring patients.


Features and Benefits of the Patient Transfer Scale

The PTS is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing patient transfer processes, ensuring that weighing does not disrupt the patient flow. Key features include:


  • Easy to Use - The PTS is light, portable, and has simple functions.

  • Precision Weighing - The scale weighs up to 550 pounds and can be read in pounds or kilograms. It is ideal for weighing immobile patients. Comes with a rechargeable battery.

  • User-Friendly Interface - The PTS features a backlit LCD display, making it easy to read the weight measurement. The scale also includes functions such as zero, hold/release, and automatic shut-off to enhance usability​​.

  • Easy to Clean - Mild detergents with water or detergent wipes can be used to clean the scale.

  • For Nurses by Nurses - The PTS was developed and invented by an Emergency Care nurse, with the final design based on feedback from healthcare professionals.


The Patient Transfer Scale is an invaluable tool for healthcare providers, combining safe patient handling with accurate weighing. By integrating these functions, the PTS not only enhances patient care but also improves the efficiency of clinical operations. For facilities looking to optimize their patient handling protocols and ensure precise weight measurements, the PTS offers a reliable and user-friendly solution.


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