The EZ1000 Shower Chair: Safe, Ergonomic Showering and So Much More!

Updated: 6 days ago

There are many hazards to deal with when showering a patient or resident. According to the National Institute on Aging, about 80% of falls among seniors happen in the bathroom. It takes planning, attention to detail, and the right equipment to ensure a safe, sanitary, and comfortable showering experience.

It also takes the right chair. An article from McKnight’s states that, “For most of nursing home residents, a shower takes place in a shower chair. And the vast majority of those are made of inexpensive medical grade PVC piping with relatively low weight limits and short life spans.” They go on to state that, “And if a resident attempts to stand from a lightweight chair while holding a grab bar, the seat could tip as the weight is removed.”[1] In this blog we will explore the EZ1000 Shower Chair, and how it provides a positive showering experience, both for the resident and for the caregiver, as well as a long-lasting value for your organization.

The Right Solution For Showering

The right solution for showering uses a combination of equipment including safe patient lifting and transferring devices, a sturdy, safe, and long-lasting shower chair, and shower panel with a cleaning/disinfecting system. Our focus in this article is on a safe, comfortable, and long-lasting shower chair.

The EZ1000 Shower Chair minimizes static load and offers an ergonomic working environment for caregivers along with a smooth transfer for the patient or resident; making it a safe, dignified, comfortable, and efficient solution for showering. The EZ1000 Shower Chair is used in conjunction with floor lifts, ceiling lifts, sit-to-stands or stand aids to safely transfer a person into or out of the chair for transport to the showering room. Once in the chair, the 2810 Shower Panel is used to shower the person, and then also clean and disinfect the chair.